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danielkniaz's Journal

19 November
This is initially designed as a trading book. But the comments on the events in the World, mainly in Financial world of virtual and fiat money, would also appear occasionally. The language of conversation is Russian, English is also acceptable, Olbanish comments are ignored. People who do not taught to think by the Universe or by any other reasons are ignored or probably dropped away from the list of interest. I feel no obligation to respond to you if you do not respect yourself and other visitors - probably few of them for the first time - please avoid Olbanish and bad words.
At the same time I do not want to follow any rules at my blog or to restrict myself, that is why I may speak on slang if necessary.
Trading block is likely to be published in any of the two common languages, this is not a recommendation to act at the international markets, just info how I am thinking on any event.

Вкратце о том же. Это - книга торговых операций, на том языке, на котором мне удобно ее изложить. Просьба по олбански не писать - Вы же не падонки. Я могу иногда материться, но, во-первых, меня никто не забанит, во-вторых, я не всегда могу излагать мысли без этого)).
Всем спасибо!!!
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